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AutDB represents an integrated resource for the autism research community. It is a publicly availble, curated, web-based, searchable database for autism research. This resource is built on information extracted from the studies on molecular genetics and biology of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The four modules of AutDB include information on Human Genes, Animal models, Protein Interactions (PIN) and Copy Number Variants (CNV) respectively.

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New to AutDB?

Try our online tutorial. This brief video provides an overview of AutDB modules, introducing scientific content, database functionalities, and bioinformatics tools.

Peer-Reviewed Research:

In addition to AutDB development, MindSpec utilizes AutDB gene sets to conduct original research. Read our latest scientific article, a predictive gene map for autism published in PLoS One in December 2011.

Release Notes
MindSpec AutDB is rigorously maintained with quarterly updates. Every three months, our team of expert scientists compiles new autism-related evidence into each module. More.
AutDB Statistics (September, 2013)
Genes: 573
CNVs: 2032
Animal Models: 541
PIN: 23214

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