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AutDB 2.0 was launched in fall 2011. This new release of AutDB provides new bioinformatics features and functionalities envisioned to accelerate discoveries by the autism research community. In addition to expanding the scientific content, the user interface has been revamped to enhance usability.


  • Expansion of Human Gene module: better accommodates findings from high-throughput genomic studies.
  • Additions to Animal Model module: now incorporates autism mouse models induced by environmental factors.
  • New CNV module: catalogues findings from both high-throughput and low-throughput studies.
  • New Gene Scoring module: annotated by expert panel of scientific advisors

Website News

  • New tab-based format: allows easier navigation between modules
  • Redesigned AutDB home page: incorporates state-of-the-art technology
  • New module home pages: features subnavigation bars providing detailed documentation
  • New time stamps: mark dataset updates for each module
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